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Review of the Act 2011

In 2011, the Integrity Commissioner conducted a review of the operation of the lobbying provisions of the Integrity Act 2009 (chapter 4 of the Act) with a view to making recommendations to the government for changes to the system.

Interested stakeholders were invited to comment on issues raised in the review, which can be viewed below.

Publication title pdf word text
Integrity Commissioner comments
Integrity Commissioner's recommendations for the Act 685K n/a n/a
Integrity Commissioner's supplementary recommendation 182K n/a n/a
Further submission to DPC on review of the Integrity Act 254K n/a n/a


Publication title pdf word text
Stakeholder Submissions
Brisbane City Council 816K n/a n/a
Cassowary Coast Regional Council 332K n/a n/a
Department of Communities 392K n/a n/a
Enhance Group 329K n/a n/a
Fraser Coast Regional Council 693K n/a n/a
Gladstone Regional Council 346K n/a n/a
Governments Relations Australia 5.6MB n/a n/a
Government Relations Professionals Association 116K n/a n/a

Local Government Association of Queensland

889K n/a n/a
Local Government Managers Australia 1.3MB n/a n/a
Logan City Council 3.5MB n/a n/a
Moreton Bay Regional Council 431K n/a n/a
Public Relations Institute of Australia 4.4MB n/a n/a
Public Sector Commissioner - Western Australia 670K n/a n/a
Queensland Law Society 3.4MB n/a n/a
Queensland Police Service 385K n/a


RSA Liquor Professionals 665K n/a n/a
Scenic Rim Regional Council 378K n/a n/a
Spatial Industries Business Association 665K n/a n/a
Tablelands Regional Council 106K n/a n/a


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