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The Queensland Lobbying Register

The Queensland Lobbying register is a list of professional lobbyists who have lobbied:

  • the Premier or another Minister
  • an Assistant Minister
  • a councillor
  • a public sector officer
  • a ministerial staff member or an Assistant Minister’s staff member
  • the Leader of the Opposition
  • the Deputy Leader of the Opposition, and/or
  • a staff member in the office of the Leader of the Opposition.

It provides the public with significant details about professional lobbyists who represent a client's views to government or opposition representatives.

The names of business entities who are registered as lobbyists and their clients are searchable under ‘Client search’ or ‘Lobbyist search’ for 12 months after they cease lobbying activity. Thereafter, these details can only be searched and located via the Contact log for 10 years after they cease to be a lobbyist or a client of a registered lobbyist.

The lobbyists’ details are removed when the business entity de-registers.

To see details of a business entity’s lobbying activities, click on their name in the Lobbying register.

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Last updated
19 January, 2024

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