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What is the Lobbyists Register?

The Queensland Integrity Commissioner is responsible for maintaining the Lobbyists Register in Queensland in accordance with the Integrity Act 2009 (Qld) and the Lobbyists Code of Conduct.

The Lobbyists Register includes the following information:

  • the lobbyists’ name and business registration particulars
  • the name and role of each person employed, contracted or otherwise engaged by the lobbyist to carry out a lobbying activity (called a ‘listed person’)
  • if applicable, the date the person became a former senior government representative or a former opposition representative
  • the name of each third-party client of the lobbyist, and
  • the name of each third-party client that the lobbyist has carried out lobbying activities within a 12-month period’.

Registers of contact with lobbyists

All public authorities (both state, local government and opposition representatives) must retain records of their contact with lobbyists for 10 years under reference number 1.7.3 of the Queensland state Archives General Retention and Disposal Schedule for Administrative Records.

Queensland state Archives has also published advice on the management of contact with lobbyists in the form of a Public Records Brief.


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