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How to register

Before you register

Before you register on the Queensland Register of Lobbyists, we recommend you read the Lobbyists Code of Conduct and the Integrity Act 2009.

Chapter 4 of the Act regulates lobbying activities: all people who will be conducting lobbying activities should read this chapter.

While registration of an entity and updating of details is not complicated and you may be able to just follow the prompts on the system, you can also gain access to a user manual that provides a step-by-step guide. This is available in two forms:

  • through this link to an electronic version to use online, or
  • through this link to a PDF version formatted to be printed out and used in hard copy form.

Two ways to register

An electronic registration process has been available since September 2012. The electronic system allows potential registered lobbyists to apply for registration by entering their information online. Once registered, lobbyists can also update their details online. Access to this information is protected by a username and password.

This process allows lobbyists to feel confident their information has been entered correctly and gives them control over how quickly any new information will appear.

Alternatively, the Register of Lobbyists' office continues to process hard copy registration and change of details forms. These are available for printing from the Register of Lobbyists' website or in hard copy from the office, and can be delivered by hand, post, fax or email.

First registration process - online submission

(1) Set up an account

To register your organisation, visit the registration page and follow the instructions to create an account.

You will need to enter both the trading name and the business name of your company, along with its ABN or ACN number.

You will also need to nominate a contact officer. The contact officer is the main point of contact for your company and will be able to manage your details on the register.

For security purposes, there can only be one contact officer created per company at any one time; it is, however, at the company's own discretion should they wish to share the username and password amongst a number of people to ensure that changes can still be made should the main contact officer be unavailable.

When registering, you are required to create a username and password for the contact. These will be used to gain access to the company's profile and administer the details on the register.

The password must contain at least eight characters and have one digit, one symbol, and one uppercase letter, for example, Qldlobbying1#.

Once you have entered the required information, click on the Register button. A confirmation email will be sent to you advising that your user account has been created.

(2) Provide details about your organisation and lobbyists

First, sign in using the account details entered during the registration phase, in particular the username and password.

Browse to the Sign in page, enter the details, and click Sign in.

Now that you have an account set up, you will need to enter the information required under the Integrity Act to appear on the register and by the Register of Lobbyists' office to allow it to keep in contact with you.

You will be asked to provide the following information:

  1. The names of owners, partners or major shareholders as applicable.
  2. Contact details: name, phone number and email address. These contact details will be used for our communications with you. Please include your area code with your telephone and fax numbers.
  3. Website address (optional)
  4. Names and positions of all persons employed, contracted or otherwise engaged by the entity to carry out lobbying activities (including details of any lobbyist who is an individual).
  5. The statutory declaration required under section 53(5) of the Integrity Act in respect of each employee, contractor or other person engaged by the lobbyist to carry out lobbying activities and if the lobbyist is an individual, a statutory declaration about the lobbyist. If you are making your declaration in another state or Territory, please use the statutory declaration for that State or territory.
  6. If a listed person is a former senior government representative, the date the person ceased in the role of senior government representative.#
  7. Names of third party clients for whom the lobbyist is currently retained to provide lobbying services, and advice about whether or not you are paid for providing these services.#

Once you have completed this process, click on the Submit for Approval button and await a response from the Register of Lobbyists' office.

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Information that will be placed on the Register

The information above marked with a hash (#) will be placed on the Register, as required under section 49 of the Integrity Act.

The contact details (number 2 above) are for our communications with you and will not be placed on the Register. Please note, however, that this information may be liable for disclosure under the Right to Information Act 2009

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Second registration process - hard copy submission

Print out the approved registration form (PDF, 42KB) to submit together with the confirmations required in section 53 of the Integrity Act.

  • Fill out the general and other details for the lobbying entity
  • Provide the details of all employees, contractors or other persons engaged by the entity to carry out lobbying activities and provide the statutory declaration required under section 53(5) of the Integrity Act in respect of each employee, contractor or other person. If you are an individual who is a lobbyist, you will need to provide details and a statutory declaration about yourself.

Send the completed registration form and statutory declarations to the Register of Lobbyists by one of the following means:


Fax: 07 3224 2326

Mail to:

Register of Lobbyists

Queensland Integrity Commissioner

PO Box 15290



Hand deliver to

Register of Lobbyists

Queensland Integrity Commissioner

Level 13, 53 Albert St



Statutory declarations

Under section 53(5) of the Act, a statutory declaration must be provided by all individuals who conduct lobbying activities (that is, the lobbyist if he or she is an individual, and any employees, contractors or persons otherwise engaged by the lobbyist).

Before an individual can be included on the register, the individual must submit a statutory declaration to the effect that he or she has never been sentenced to a term of imprisonment of 30 months or more and have not been convicted, as an adult, in the last ten years, of an offence, one element of which involves dishonesty, such as theft or fraud.

If you submitted your application on-line, you must also submit signed hard copies of the form and the statutory declaration/s.  (We accept scanned and emailed versions of the hard copy if clear and legible.) Processing of your application will, however, begin as soon as your on-line application is received.

A statutory declaration must be made pursuant to the legislation applicable in the State or Territory in which the declaration is made. Statutory declaration forms for all Australian jurisdictions can be viewed and downloaded from the publications page.

Please ensure that all of the sections of the statutory declaration form are completed and that the declaration is witnessed by an appropriately qualified

  • a justice of the peace, commissioner for declarations or notary public under the law of the State, the Commonwealth or another State; or
  • a lawyer; or
  • a conveyancer, or another person authorised to administer an oath, under the law of the State, the Commonwealth or another State.

An incomplete statutory declaration will delay the processing of an application.

The links below can provide further information on who may witness a statutory declaration in jurisdications other than Queensland. Please note, the information provided is intended to act as a guide only. The information may be subject to change in the relevant jurisdiction.

For further information about the required statutory declaration see section 53(5) of the Integrity Act 2009.

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Need help?

If you need help with the registration process, or have any queries, please contact the Integrity Commissioner at:

Phone: 07 3003 2888
Fax: 07 3224 2326 or

Register of Lobbyists
Queensland Integrity Commissioner
PO Box 15290

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