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About the register

In 2009, the government established a regulatory system for lobbying. Through the Integrity Act 2009, it established a register of lobbyists and introduced a requirement for its Ministers, their advisors and public servants generally not to have dealings with unregistered lobbyists.

The Register was established to make publicly available significant details about professional lobbyists who represent a client's views to government representatives, including:

  • the business registration details, including the names of owners, partners or major shareholders, as applicable
  • the names and positions of persons employed, contracted or otherwise engaged by the lobbyist to carry out lobbying activities
  • for each listed person, if the person is a former senior government representative, the date the person ceased in the role of senior government representative
  • the names of third parties for whom the lobbyist is currently retained to provide paid or unpaid services as a lobbyist to the State Government, local governments or both, and whether or not they are paid for providing these services, and
  • the names of persons for whom the lobbyist has provided paid or unpaid services as a lobbyist during the previous 12 months.
  • the register does not include any information regarding contact between lobbyists and senior government representatives. This information is administered by each State and local government agency
  • lobbyists are provided with a user name and password, which enable them to enter the section of the website relevant to the entity and update details as soon as practicable after their circumstances change
  • lobbyists are also required to maintain a regularly updated register of details of contact with government and opposition representatives.

Retention of information about lobbyists

Information about lobbyists and lobbying is collected and maintained as set out below.

Queensland Register of Lobbyists

The Queensland Register of Lobbyists is administered by the Integrity Commissioner's office and is available to the general public. Section 49 of the Integrity Act 2009 requires the Integrity Commissioner to maintain a register of lobbyists. The register contains information about those named and their clients. It does not include information about meetings between lobbyists and government representatives.

The records of the Integrity Commissioner are covered in a Queensland State Archives schedule issued to the Office of the Integrity Commissioner. The schedule includes record-keeping requirements for the Queensland Register of Lobbyists. Under reference number 2.1.1 of the Office of the Integrity Commissioner Retention and Disposal Schedule, this register is required to be retained for 10 years after last action.

Registers of contact with lobbyists

All public authorities (both State, local government and opposition representatives) must retain records of their contact with lobbyists for 10 years under reference number 1.7.3 of the Queensland State Archives General Retention and Disposal Schedule for Administrative Records.

Queensland State Archives has also published advice on the management of contact with lobbyists in the form of a Public Records Brief.

Under the Lobbyists' Code of Conduct, all registered lobbyists must submit to the Integrity Commissioner records of their contact with government and opposition representatives. The record of contact for a calendar month must be submitted electronically before the 15th of the following month. Information will become available to the public after submission.

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