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Speeches, papers and submissions

Publication title Publication description pdf word text
Richard Bingham, Queensland Integrity Commissioner
Inquiry into the Introduction of four year terms for the Queensland Parliament Submission made to the Committee of the Legislative Assembly – Inquiry into Recommendations 9 and 10 of the Finance and Administrative Committee Report - 12 January 2016 1.9MB - n/a
Independent Review of the Integrity Commission Act 2009 (Tas) Written submission to the Independent Review of the Integrity Commission Act 2009 (Tas) - 24 February 2016 3MB - n/a
Establishment of a National Integrity Commission Submission made to the Senate Select Committee on the establishment of a National Integrity Commission - 23 March 2016 645K - n/a
2014 - 15
Independent Broad-Based Anti-Corruption Commission Committee Closed hearing of the IBAC Committee of the Parliament of Victoria - 17 November 2015 36K - n/a
Freedom of Information Amendment (New Amendments) Bill 2014 Submission made to the Legal and Constitutional Affairs Legislation Committee - 03 November 2014 562K - n/a
Ministerial Propriety in Queensland Paper presented at the Australian Public Sector Anti-Corruption Conference, Brisbane, 17 - 19 December 2015 831K - n/a
Dr David Solomon AM, Former Queensland Integrity Commissioner
Ministerial access and the public trust Paper written by Acting Integrity Commissioner, Dr. David Solomon 309K n/a
Nepotism, patronage and the public trust Paper presented to the T.J. Ryan Foundation at the Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, 27 February 2014 365K n/a
2012 - 13
The integrity branch - parliament's failure or opportunity? Paper presented at the Australasian Study of Parliament Group Annual Conference, Perth 2 - 4 October 2013 440K n/a
Ethics, government and lobbying Address given at seminar conducted by Transparency International, Brisbane, 21 June 2013 367K n/a
2010 - 11
Lobbying: Is registration sufficient? Address given at the biennial Australian Public Sector Anti-Corruption Conferenc (APSACC), Western Australia 15 - 17 November 2011 840K   n/a
Integrity measures to ensure accountability and transparency of government Address to a conference on “Evolving models of governance & accountability in a changing public sector environment”, Canberra, 24 February 2011 - 79K n/a
2009 - 10
Conflicts of Interest Address to a seminar conducted by the Australian Institute of Administrative Law, Brisbane, 6 October 2010 129K - n/a
Public Servants and Conflicts of Interest Address given at the CEOs Breakfast, Brisbane, 30 April 2010 509K - n/a
FOI reform or political window-dressing? Address given at the Australian Institute of Administrative Law Conference, Canberra, 6 August 2009 102K 89K n/a
Gary Crooke QC, Former Queensland Integrity Commissioner
2008 - 09
"When public and private interests clash" - Five years as Integrity Commissioner: a retrospective Address given at the Australian Public Service Anti-Corruption Conference, Brisbane, Wednesday 29 July 2009 123K 56K n/a
Paper presented at "Building Trust Together" symposium
Ottawa, Canada in September 2008 114K 59K n/a
2007 - 08
Submission made in relation to the FOI Independent Review
Address given at the Australian Public Service Anti-Corruption Conference, Brisbane, Wednesday 29 July 2009 181K n/a n/a
Articles and documents
Building Integrity in the Queensland Public Sector A Handbook for Queensland Public Officials: written by The Honourable Alan Demack AO 702K - n/a


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3 May, 2016

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